A Top 20 Global Asset Servicing Company achieves operational efficiency and business agility with GAIN

The client is the global asset servicing division of a leading private bank and wealth manager, managing over $1 trillion of assets. Operating from Luxembourg, the asset servicer executes the opening of over 10,000 instruments per year.

Relying on existing legacy core applications, the on-boarding and validation of new instruments data was a very manually intensive process. The business had to validate manually the new data received over night in time for the start of each business day. This very short time window was putting the business at unacceptably high levels of risk.

In addition, the existing legacy applications were lacking the coverage and flexibility to keep up with new market-, regulatory- and fiscal requirements, as well as preventing the business from keeping up with the competition.

The client was looking for a solution to streamline its data management processes for instruments, prices and corporate actions data. The objective was to ensure the quality of the data upfront, before it impacted the accounting operations, while at the same time improve the operational efficiency of the business.

The client selected AIM Software* thanks to its strong background in the asset servicing industry, as well as the GAIN platform’s extensive out-of-the-box capabilities to automate the high-volume and time-critical data management needs of the business.

The first scope of the project covered futures and options, using data from Bloomberg (Per Security, Bulk), SIX Financial Information VDF, with full connectivity to Multifonds. The configuration was completed within four months. The next phases of the project have extended the coverage of asset classes, extended the range of data sources to include trade confirmation messages (SWIFT messages) and further internal sources.

GAIN automates the acquisition and quality control of reference, pricing and corporate actions data. Through exception-based processing, strict controls, and validation rules, it guarantees data quality from the moment a new instrument is opened in the system. As a result, GAIN speeds up the on-boarding of new data and acts as a “data quality firewall” that reduces manual efforts related to bad data quality within downstream processes and systems.

Implementing GAIN has enabled the client to automate the instrument opening process, resulting in higher levels of operational efficiency and improved data quality for price valuations. In addition, comprehensive auditing capabilities mean that the firm can address any requests from clients and regulators much more quickly. In summary, the GAIN data management platform has positioned the client to more effectively respond to change, address future challenges and remain competitive.


*As of August 1, 2019, SimCorp acquired AIM Software. The GAIN platform is now SimCorp Gain.