Bank Vontobel leverages GAIN to offer Reference Data Utility services, opening new growth opportunities

Faced with the need to implement an enterprise-wide data management initiative for all business lines, Bank Vontobel leveraged GAIN Security Master to offer an extensive range of managed Reference Data services (ASP, BPO) to external institutions, enabling the firm to open a new business line with additional income and growth opportunities.

Bank Vontobel is an independent Swiss-based private bank and international asset manager, operating in more than 20 international locations and managing a total of CHF 150.0 billion of client assets.

The legacy securities system had become increasingly complex and did not have the flexibility to respond efficiently to regulatory requirements; each new regulation represented major changes to the system, which had become difficult and very expensive to maintain.  In addition to high operating costs, the legacy platform did not adequately support the management of data from multiple sources.  The client needed a new centralized data management system to streamline their data management operations and reduce operational costs.

After conducting an extensive RFP process, Bank Vontobel selected GAIN* Security Master to centralize and streamline the Bank’s data management operations, and deliver high quality securities data to over 70 consuming applications. The client selected GAIN Security Master due to its state-of-the-art technology and multi-tenancy capability.

GAIN Security Master has enabled Vontobel to implement an internal data management and BPO strategy using a single platform, resulting in lower total cost of ownership and an improved business case for further investment. Moreover, GAIN has enabled Vontobel to achieve profitable scalability to on-board additional customers with various services levels (e.g. standard BPO service, tailored BPO service, ASP with facilities for exception management).

Implementing GAIN Security Master has resulted in improved data quality and transparency across the enterprise. Vontobel is also benefiting from increased operational efficiency, thanks to shorter lead times and higher straight-through-processing levels for securities data. The bank is also better-positioned to meet ongoing regulatory requirements.


*As of August 1, 2019, SimCorp acquired AIM Software. The GAIN platform is now SimCorp Gain.