Banque de Luxembourg delivers high quality and fully traceable reference data to Avaloq using GAIN

Following a market-wide analysis of proven data management suites, Banque de Luxembourg decided to upgrade its existing application to the GAIN Security Master, leveraging its multisource capability and extensive validation facilities.

Banque de Luxembourg is one of the leading private banks in the Grand Duchy. It serves both local and European private investors with investment advice and assistance in financial matters at every stage of their private and professional lives.

The bank decided to migrate its data management operations to GAIN* Security Master for two key reasons:

Improved data scrubbing: Owing to the increasing complexity of the securities business, the bank needed a system that supported rule-based validation of pricing data.

Certified integration with Avaloq: Banque de Luxembourg went live with Avaloq in November 2009 and became a primary user of the system. They needed to ensure that the data received by Avaloq was reliable and fit for purpose.

GAIN Security Master provides Banque de Luxembourg with a data quality firewall, protecting the Avaloq Banking System from poor quality data. The system manages the end-to-end data preparation process for pricing and reference data from multiple sources, providing Avaloq with clean, consistent data that is ready for use by the business while at the same time significantly increasing operational efficiency levels.

We have chosen to upgrade to AIM Software’s GAIN Security Master because of its robust and proven track record. Moreover, GAIN’s interface is the only one certified by Avaloq.Olivier Nosetti, Banque de Luxembourg

The certified GAIN/Avaloq adapter also enables Banque de Luxembourg to automate the securities opening process within the Avaloq Banking System, with all background processes handled by GAIN. Furthermore, GAIN processes and delivers daily mutations on all requested instruments to the Avaloq Banking System. The intuitive dashboards and workflows enable end users to quickly and systematically investigate and validate suspect instrument prices. Comprehensive auditing capabilities provide full insight into the data lineage and ensure that all changes are traceable.


*As of August 1, 2019, SimCorp acquired AIM Software. The GAIN platform is now SimCorp Gain.