KAS BANK Implements GAIN in the Cloud to Streamline Processes and Improve Data Quality

KAS Bank is a leading provider of custodian and fund administration services located in the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany, administrating over EUR 400bn in assets on behalf of professional clients within the pensions and securities industry.

KAS Bank recognized the need to migrate from a legacy data management system to one that could support the company’s digital transformation to become more agile and competitive. The solution had to be seamlessly implemented with existing in house systems and the newly acquired SimCorp Dimension system, meanwhile causing minimum disruption to the firms’ current operations.

After an extensive selection process, KAS Bank selected AIM Software’s* GAIN  as its central data management platform. AIM Software’s ability to deliver the solution in a rapid, low risk manner, was a major advantage over its competitors, with the opportunity to extend the platform to meet further business processes and data feeds delivering yet more benefits to KAS Bank.

The complete solution implemented is comprised of three modules from the GAIN product suite: GAIN Security Master, GAIN Portfolio Pricing, and GAIN Corporate Actions,  all of which are being delivered to KAS Bank as a hosted, managed solution service through GAIN in the Cloud, AIM Software’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Through a productized and fully maintained interface, KAS Bank uses GAIN to automate much of its security opening and maintenance processes, significantly reducing operational risk. The platform will also introduce rules and workflow-driven processes for corporate actions processing, enabling the bank to achieve higher STP rates.

The GAIN platform sits upstream of investment management solutions from SimCorp’s Dimension portfolio and delivers validated data via a fully-maintained integration interface.

We selected GAIN because of its best-in-class data management capabilities, productized adaptors to data feeds, and seamless integration with SimCorp Dimension. The platform will allow us to on-board new sources of data more quickly, and increase STP automation levels. With management and processing of market data, management of corporate actions, and look through services all taking place in one central location, KAS BANK is equipped with an efficient and reliable solution for scaling its administration services business. It is also considered a key building block to further scaling KAS BANK’s insourcing proposition for administrative services.Michiel Noteborn, Head of IT Demand at KAS Bank


*As of August 1, 2019, SimCorp acquired AIM Software. The GAIN platform is now SimCorp Gain.