Market & Reference Data Usage

With data vendors’ ever-evolving commercial approaches and increasingly complex licensing agreements, determining vendor data consumption across different departments, optimizing market data spend, and complying with licensing permissions, are all big challenges for many of the firms that we work with.

Financial reference data is the lifeblood of all capital markets participants. From the buy-side to the sell-side, from custodians to service providers – they all depend on huge volumes of data to feed their businesses. When data providers apply changes to their licensing agreements, the changes felt by the financial institutions using their data can be significant. From increasing costs, compliance risks, or even the risk that the data tap gets turned off – the potential impact of these changes on the business can be very real. It’s no surprise that controlling vendor data usage and ensuring compliance is an increasing priority for many firms.

To learn more, read our whitepaper “Market and Reference Data Usage: Taking Control with a Strategic Approach to Sourcing” that explores why getting data usage under control can be so difficult and what can be done to optimize your data spend, while ensuring effective, compliant usage across the organization.

SimCorp Gain Data usage and Reference data white paper Download this whitepaper to learn about:

  • Why data costs and usage compliance is becoming an increasing focus for financial institutions
  • The challenges behind getting vendor data usage under control
  • Why firms must take a strategic approach to market and reference
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