Corporate Actions

Keep control of your corporate actions data

SimCorp Gain Corporate Actions empowers investment management and global custodian firms to keep control over their corporate actions data.
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With ever-increasing volumes, more complex events, tighter deadlines, and extensive manual processing, corporate actions professionals are coming under more pressure than ever before. What’s needed is a solution that gives corporate actions teams more time to focus on the most important and complex events, so that they can be confident that the data delivered to end investors is reliable and on time.

SimCorp Gain Corporate Actions enables you to reduce manual interventions in the capture and validation of corporate actions announcement data from multiple sources. This productized business application ensures that each announcement is completely and accurately captured before being sent to downstream systems. Corporate actions are gathered, channeled, analyzed and prioritized in real time, ensuring that the most critical corporate actions data is identified and processed first. SimCorp Gain Corporate Actions helps improve client service while freeing up corporate actions specialists to focus on the higher value tasks.

The purpose-built business application maximizes straight-through-processing rates (STP) while ensuring the quality of the master record, protecting core operational systems from incomplete and poor quality data.

SimCorp Gain Corporate Actions captures and analyzes corporate actions data from multiple sources in real time, ensuring that the most time critical corporate actions data is quickly identified and processed. Pre-packaged workflows and flexible vendor source hierarchy functionality support intuitive gold copy creation for each event, significantly increasing STP levels. Intuitive parameterization tools designed specifically for business operations users, give business users the freedom to define and change business rules, without having to rely on IT.

Efficient business operations

Efficient business operations



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High client service standard

High client service standard


Improved quality

Improved quality


Corporate Actions data under control

SimCorp Gain Corporate Actions addresses the need for higher levels of automation to absorb the ever-increasing volume and complexity of events, as well as any inconsistencies in the underlying data. The application automates the labor intensive and error-prone handling of incoming events, while providing a structured business view of complex corporate actions announcements.

With SimCorp Gain Corporate Actions, you can:

  • Automate announcement data capture from custodians, brokers, vendors and exchanges
  • Maximize deadline management, ensuring time critical events are scrubbed first to allow longer notification and response times
  • Achieve 80-90% STP rates for high volume events, allowing time to focus on risk sensitive events
  • Future-proof back office processes by automating the capture, normalization and validation of announcement data
  • Access detailed insights and identify bottlenecks using intuitive task management dashboards for end users, management and KPI reporting
Corporate Actions

An industry-proven business application

The next generation of data management practice needs ready-to-use business user applications that puts less burden on IT.

SimCorp Gain Corporate Actions is a workflow-oriented application that overarches existing architectures and allows data management to be solved in a proven, timely fashion allowing for growth and adaptation in a complex investment management environment.

Driven by an active community of users and staff specialists, the product stays in front of emerging industry requirements and provides comprehensive solutions, tools and guidance.

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SimCorp Gain Corporate Actions empowers investment management and global custodian firms to keep control of their data. Our purpose-built platform maximizes STP rates while ensuring the quality of the master record, protecting core operational systems from incomplete data.

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