Market Data

Intelligent pricing for multiple portfolios

SimCorp Gain Market Data is a pricing master dedicated to the central pricing of multiple portfolios. This award-winning business application provides a central point of control and transparency for pricing funds and portfolios. The system helps pricing teams to boost straight-through-processing (STP) levels and increase their business agility.
Data Portal Security Master Corporate Actions
Data Portal Security Master Market Data Corporate Actions

Control and transparency for pricing policies

SimCorp Gain Market Data is dedicated to the effective management of multiple pricing policies. Designed for pricing teams and directly accessible to business operations users, this pricing master allows fast delivery of new funds or changed requirements while ensuring consistent control, versioning, and end-to-end data lineage for pricing policies across all portfolios.

Maximize automation and efficiency

SimCorp Gain Market Data is delivered with a rich set of out-of-the-box validation checks, ensuring quality and accuracy of prices while significantly reducing the need for manual intervention. Intelligent exception handling capabilities help pricing teams to significantly increase STP levels, while intuitive monitoring screens help users to ensure that the most urgent tasks are tackled first and that suspect prices are quickly resolved.

Efficient business operations

Efficient business operations


Responsive service

Responsive and flexible service



Governance and control


Fast ROI

Fast ROI and lower risk


Accelerate your business agility

The application provides business operations users with the ability to control and maintain the pricing of each portfolio using a comprehensive set of parameterization, dashboard, and monitoring screens. For example, the business user can easily change the tolerance level, apply a new check due to a regulatory change, or on-board a new fund with a non-standard pricing policy. Intuitive tools mean that such tasks can be completed by the business operations user, without requiring the intervention of specialist IT resources.

An industry-proven business application

The next generation of data management practice needs ready-to-use business applications that put less burden on IT.

SimCorp Gain Market Data is a workflow-oriented pricing master that over-arches existing architectures and allows data management to be solved in a proven, timely fashion, facilitating your firm’s growth and agility in a complex investment management environment.

Market Data

Driven by an active community of users and staff specialists, the SimCorp Gain Market Data stays in front of emerging industry requirements and provides comprehensive solutions, tools and guidance.

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Designed to help you meet the increasing demands for compliant pricing, full transparency and end-user empowerment, our Market Data product enables you to run your pricing and NAV operations with efficiency and agility.

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