Why SimCorp Gain

A global leader in financial data management

Our focus is to help you to achieve your business objectives through strategic data management.

Across the world, leading financial institutions depend on the SimCorp Gain suite of business applications to power their systems and processes with high quality data. With best practices built into each product, we help clients maximize their operational efficiency, reduce costs, meet regulatory and compliance obligations, and become more agile.

Delivering the best of both worlds

We offer a unique approach to Enterprise Data Management that combines extensive out-of-the-box functionality with the flexibility to easily adapt the system to meet bespoke requirements. Available to implement on premise or as a hosted solution, our Business Applications offer the ideal blend of pre-packaged best practices and end-user configurability.

SimCorp Gain - The best of both worlds

Our approach

We provide data management business applications to capital markets, with a particular focus on the buy-side.

More than 100 of the world’s leading asset management, private banking and wealth management, broker-dealer, asset servicing, fund administration and global custody firms depend on SimCorp Gain’s data management platform for their core data management requirements.

We deliver fully-productized solutions for market and reference data management, financial instrument pricing and analytics, corporate actions processing, legal entity data management, benchmark data management and data consumption monitoring.

Clients choose us because of our product-based and collaborative approach to Enterprise Data Management:

  • Best-in-class business applications that empower the business user, combining pre-built packages of business workflows with a modern data management platform
  • Engaged user community of clients, partners and Enterprise Data Management experts
  • Agile, phased approach to implementation that ensures fast Return-on-Investment (ROI) while minimizing risk

We believe it is a combination of our product, community and focus that really sets us apart.

Best-in-class business applications

We are unique in offering a living suite of productized business applications that meet the specific data management needs of the buy side community. Developed in close collaboration with our global client community, our business applications combine extensive out-of-the-box functionality with the flexibility for business users to easily extend and parameterize the system to meet bespoke requirements. This product-based approach ensures that custom developments are kept to a minimum, resulting in faster projects, rapid ROI, and increased agility to manage business change.

We offer a module approach to Enterprise Data Management that allows you to select and link different modules to address a specific business need. Our suite of business applications covers market and reference data management, portfolio pricing and analytics, corporate actions, benchmark data, data consumption monitoring, and legal entity data management.

Our product-based approach also ensures continuous improvement and new functionality, as new client requirements are productized for the collective benefit of the global client community.

Each business application comes with:

  • A standardized data model
  • A comprehensive set of business workflows
  • Pre-configured adapters to an extensive range of data vendors and downstream systems
  • Rule-based processing for high straight-through-processing (STP) rates
  • Intuitive task management and reporting dashboards

Using Agile project methodology, combined with best practices derived from our extensive experience in data management projects, we ensure complete alignment with our client’s requirements, faster projects and lower total cost of ownership.

An active and engaged user community

Our business applications go hand-in-hand with a living community. We’re proud of our active community of clients, partners and EDM experts. We continuously engage with our user community to ensure that the evolution of our products and services align with the evolving needs of our clients. Through formalized channels and processes, our clients are actively involved in shaping the future direction of the product.

Once a year, we host an annual User Community Meeting, where clients have the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss industry trend and developments, receive product updates and provide their feedback on the proposed product roadmap.

Agile software development

We have over 15 years of experience in implementing Enterprise Data Management projects, and have been using Agile software development methodologies to develop products since 2009. This methodology is very well suited to the design and development of comprehensive data management systems like SimCorp Gain.

As one of the earliest adopters in Europe, we use (almost) exclusively the Agile methodologies when implementing client projects. We also hold regular guest speeches at the Vienna University of Economics on the topic of Agile Software Development.

SimCorp Gain is very well suited to Agile Development, and our customers benefit from it through reduced delivery risks and increased satisfaction on the resulting solution.

Regular product updates

Regular product updates


Industry best practices

Using industry best practices


Enduser empowerment

End-User Empowerment


Lower ongoing costs

Lower Ongoing Costs


Active client community

Active Client Community


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