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Through our strategic partnerships, we are able to offer our clients complete end-to-end data management solutions. See all partners.

Our clients must focus both on efficiency and also on innovation to find new sources of growth. Data management needs to be put into context and cannot be seen as an independent function to achieve efficiency and cost reduction. It is about end-to-end processes, and data content – not just data feeds. In a complex world, you can only capture this through collaboration and partnership.

Our partners and suppliers have been carefully selected based on their industry know-how, market experience, and reputation for excellence. Through our strategic partnerships, we are able to offer our clients complete end-to-end data management solutions, enabling them to focus on building value through their own core competencies.

Data partners


Bloomberg, the global business and financial information and news leader, gives influential decision makers a critical edge by connecting them to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. The company’s strength – delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology, quickly and accurately – is at the core of the Bloomberg Professional service. Bloomberg’s enterprise solutions build on the company’s core strength: leveraging technology to allow customers to access, integrate, distribute and manage data and information across organizations more efficiently and effectively. For more information, visit or request a demo.

SimCorp Gain offers full connectivity to Bloomberg Data License products.


An upgraded and fully standardized adapter from Refinitiv and SimCorp Gain allows clients to access Refinitiv DataScope™ Select pricing (including evaluated fixed income), and reference data and analytics with SimCorp Gain. The innovative solution helps investment managers, asset managers and asset servicing firms to better meet their portfolio management and compliance needs.

SIX Financial Information

SIX Financial Information is a leading global provider of data and value-added services for the wealth and asset management industry.

We have partnered to provide products and services to financial institutions for the integration of financial data. SimCorp Gain enables financial institutions to access the entire universe of financial data and value-added data offered by SIX Financial Information through its flagship datafeed, VDF.

ICE Data Services

ICE Data Services is a global leader in market data, analytics and connectivity solutions. ICE Data Services offers proprietary market data from a dozen exchanges worldwide, together with indices, fixed-income evaluations and reference data, and serves the rising demand for more capacity and information with feeds, desktops and connectivity services. This collaboration provides an opportunity to offer a powerful product, facilitating access to ICE Data Services’ wide range of content through SimCorp Gain.

WM Daten Service

WM Daten Service is a leading information service providers to the financial industry, with one of the world’s largest financial database, with almost two million financial instruments – covers almost the entire German and European spectrum. WM Daten Service are also responsible for the allocation of German securities identification numbers (WKNs) and International Security Identification Numbers (ISINs) for German issuers.

Gold Certified Partner – We are one of just two Gold Certified Partners of WM Datenservice. Due to our developed interfaces we ensure that the integration of WM data is supported to your internal and external systems.

Exchange Data International

Exchange Data International (EDI), a leading provider of high-quality, accurate international securities data, and we’ve entered into a strategic alliance to provide price, static and corporate actions data from our data management platform.


As member of the SWIFT Partner Programme, we’ve partnered with S.W.I.F.T to provide a seamless experience to SimCorp Gain users when loading SWIFT messages – such as corporate action announcements from custodians or data vendors, or trigger an instrument opening upon reception of a client confirmation of purchase message.

Software partners


We offer Avaloq customers a certified data management package based on our technology—allowing us to provide joint customers with a streamlined integration of both software solutions.

Certified Adapter – As proven in dozens of Avaloq projects, SimCorp Gain can be quickly configured to customer-specific needs since it is fully aligned with the Avaloq data model. The certified interface helps improving the clients’ overall operational efficiency by increasing the level of straight-through processed data messages into Avaloq. The extensively tested adapter minimizes project risks and costs by reducing the efforts of the implementation to a minimum, targeting a fast return on investment.

Read the Press Release about the Certified Adapter

New Access (Ambit APSYS)

The New Access (Ambit Apsys) core banking solution helps private banking institutions adapt to the evolving global landscape, improve client service, gain efficiencies, control costs and manage regulatory complexity.

We provide an integrated adaptor for importing financial data into Ambit Apsys—giving Ambit Apsys users a distinct advantage by highly automating data input through SimCorp Gain.

West Highland Support Services

We have entered into a collaborative partnership to offer organizations a real-time data management solution through the unification of WHSS’s Reference Data Framework (RDF) and the SimCorp Gain EDM platform.

Technology partners


We are a Gold Certified Partner of Microsoft. Only those companies which demonstrate exceptional performance when delivering solutions are granted Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status. We can offer a competitive advantage to its clients by having the closest working relationship with Microsoft resulting in unlimited access to specialized training, world-class support and reliable technologies.

With the extensive access to Microsoft resources, we can quickly recognize new developments in the IT industry, such as cloud solutions and big data. This underlines our role as a reliable partner that supports its customers in defining long-term IT and product strategies.


As a Gold Level Partner of Oracle, we can offer a competitive advantage to its clients by having the closest working relationship with Oracle resulting in unlimited access to specialized training, world-class support and reliable technologies.

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